Dogfight // A School of Motion Project
Dogfight is an animation assignment that focuses on animation curves. The idea is attaining realistic acceleration and deceleration within a path. // App: After Effects
Icon Redesign // Study on Microsoft Office Suite
In this project, I re-imagine 3 of Microsoft Office Suite's icons, outside the round cornered parameters of the Mac environment. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. The round shapes and continuous outlines represent the continuous nature of work. The gradients represent the changing nature of work over time. Wallpaper comes with Mac. // Apps: Illustrator, Photoshop
Movie Poster // Restless
Restless is an award winning independent short film that tackles the issue of mental health in our society. Sophina, who becomes depressed and suicidal after her mother’s death is haunted by hallucinations. The message of the film emphasizes the importance of support systems in saving lives. // App: Photoshop
Book // Letter My Hand
A 48-page, introductory book on hand lettering. Complete digital format available upon request for viewing purposes only. // Apps: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop. Also used a DSLR camera to take my own photos.
Logo, Business Suite, and Brochure // Zilonis
Zilonis is a fictional company specializing in memory research and studies. I picked the elephant for the logo because of its reputation for having an amazing memory. // Apps: Illustrator, InDesign
Logo & Brand Identity // Elite Transport
For this project, I was approached only with the name of the company and what they do, logistics. I drew inspiration from nature when picking the ant character to add to the logo, as ants are the elite transporters of nature. The ant also adds versatility for usage in other printed or digital materials. // Apps: Illustrator, InDesign
Logo & Brand Identity Case Study // Two Cousins
Two Cousins is a fictional bakery that appeals to individuals between the ages of 25-45. The bakery has a shop where patrons can buy merchandise, like the camping mug. The logo is an iconic cupcake, with half of it used on certain collaterals, such as the business card and the second page of the bakery's letterhead. // Apps: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
Campaign, Marketing // Bridge to Türkiye Fund: The Gift
Bridge to Türkiye Fund is a D.C.-based, UN-accredited non-governmental organization whose aim is to send aid to children in rural Türkiye, in the form of books, clothes, and scholarships. I was given 50+ photos to choose from for one postcard design. I chose 3, and created a set with the "Gift" theme for my client. Back designs were based on client's choice of a "growing sapling." // Apps: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
Marketing, Social Media & Presentation // Custom Ink
Email marquee, postcards, and social media banners created for the Graphic Design application at Custom Ink. Presentation slides were used in-house. Visual assets usage rights belong to Custom Ink and cannot be reproduced and/or redistributed. // Apps: Illustrator, Photoshop
Campaign // Denim Recycling @ Custom Ink
2 set of posters for internal denim recycling campaign at Custom Ink. // Apps: Illustrator, Photoshop
Advertisement // Safety Pin
The safety pin is a mundane object we rarely pay attention to. In this project, I bring it to the forefront by marketing its creative uses that go beyond adding a price tag to a clothing item at a department store. // App: Illustrator
Logo Animation // School of Motion Assignment
“Nol’s Neckties” is a logo animation project made for the After Effects Kickstart class at // Apps: Illustrator, After Effects
Poster // Ttyl & J/k
2-piece set of internet acronyms, lettering study. In this project, I intend to bring to life what "Ttyl" and "J/k" would look like if they were "wearing nice clothes." We use internet acronyms without giving them a second thought. Here, they get to be the star of the show. // App: Illustrator
Iconography & Color
Set of 6 animal icons; cat, owl, koala, hamster, dog, and elephant. Iconography and color study. In this project, I take the icons from their digital realm and imagine them as minimalist works of art that are displayed as décor. // App: Illustrator
T-shirt // D.C. Festival
T-shirt designs created for the Washington, D.C. Turkish Cultural Festival. Text reads “Peace at home, peace in the world” in Turkish. // App: Illustrator
Illustration // Savage & Tecko
Savage the Koala and Tecko the Gecko are two team mascot illustrations made for 2 art teams at Custom Ink. // App: Illustrator
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